In Monday's meeting we discussed the idea of building a panel of people
who have at least some familiarity with and who are
willingness to receive occasional invitations to provide user feedback,
e.g. on prototype designs for specific aspects of the site that are
/not/ introductory in nature - such as how pledging to a project is
handled and represented, etc.  (Aspects that /are/ introductory are of
course best tested on people who are not yet familiar with

This could be done as an additional one-directional mailing list, like
the existing Announce list.  To make it as effortless as possible to get
on the list, it would be best if people could either add themselves to
it or be added to it by a team member after having given
permission, e.g. on the volunteer form or on a sign up sheet at a
conference booth, etc.  A possible list name and description on would be:

*Feedback Panel*   |   Requests for participation in feedback activities
to help make more effective

If we get something like this set up, then we can discuss various ways
of inviting people to get on the list.  For example, it could be a
checkbox on the volunteer interest form.





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