On 03/01/2016 10:52 AM, Bryan Richter wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 01, 2016 at 10:17:33AM -0800, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>> For one thing, I insist that the full launch of MVP (which is not at
>> the beginning of the process strictly) include some form of the
>> establishment process with the honor pledge as part of keeping our
>> dedication to safe, respectable community space front-and-center,
>> even if we don't have moderation integrated in all places.
> Indeed. Users/Establishment/CoC is not on the list because, as far as
> I know, it's mostly complete. It's also simple enough to not
> necessarily need a total rewrite. Its status will be verified after
> step #4.
> Note that with no wiki or discussion, there will be very little to
> moderate programatically, although the establishment process will
> still be necessary.


So, I have a bigger concern to make sure we consider: Lots of things
currently reference user id such as links for sponsors and elsewhere
including CiviCRM. There are some reasons to dislike the way the
arbitrary id numbers are used compared to other options, but it may just
be the most sensible.

So, as we rebuild via a dev reimplemention, I want us to either use the
*same* user list (i.e. migrate it over, question being how to deal with
sync issues going forward) or make it clear that the dev thing is just
testing and may get periodically wiped and that the main site is still
the real one for now, until a time we switch things over. I would lean
toward the latter option.

So, I imagine we end up with a nice working site that has a clean
database with no users or anything and only the core functions we need
or at least things separated into subsites adequately etc. We make all
the cleanest decisions we can, like the table being "users" instead of
"user" for example, maybe the newer environment variables, certainly the
best newest auth stuff and no Persona anything… and then once we're
comfortable with that, we do a migration where we copy over the users
from the main site keeping the old database for reference but migrating
only the columns that still apply to the new updated site.

The significant thing here is keeping the users and their id numbers. I
know there's a way to migrate the auth hash stuff so that we move to the
stronger newer hashing… Anyway, we don't need to handle every aspect of
this right away, just need the plan to be clear.

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