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On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 06:48:58PM -0400, Stephen Michel wrote:
Attached is a little diagram of how I think of the mailing list membership.

I don't believe there's anything official about how they're set up, but you'll still possibly miss info if you're not on a higher-level mailing list. I'd also *like* to make that view of the mailing lists official, in
 the future.



I assuredly don't speak for everyone. However, I think I could provide
for a case study. I have no interest in design or law, so I'm not
subscribed to those lists.

Most of the discuss list (recently, at least) is about stuff I don't
care about, like governance, holacracy, meetings, events, etc. Moreover,
the messages occur very frequently, so it's difficult to ignore
them. There have been 48 messages in March alone. Hence, I don't
subscribe to the discuss list.

If you would like me (and I assume many of us) to subscribe to the
discuss list, it needs to be about things of general interest, that
concern the majority of the community. Stuff about governance, meetings,
project management, and what not should go in its own mailing list.

Peter Harpending

I agree with all of this. Specifically:

1) The umbrella list should be low-traffic.
2) The umbrella list should be about things that are relevant to *everybody* who cares about snowdrift.coop. 3) The recent stuff about meetings and governance/operations needs its own list.

At the same time, it's silly to have a discussion that pertains to everybody in 4 different places because there's no good way to reach everyone. So when something like that comes up, I just send it to discuss and hope for the best.

..which is why I sent this email in the first place -- because I know there are people like yourself who are not on discuss (for whatever reason) and thus missing out on that type of email (like: should we switch from the mailing lists to Discourse? I personally want to do this, and soon; I think it'll solve the issues we're talking about here -- but I also want to give a chance for everybody to chime in).

I will endeavor to post less frequently to the discuss list, until we have a better solution.

I re-attached the picture from the original email, since I didn't originally send it to this (discuss) list.
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