Taiga just had a big upgrade. :) I haven't looked at the new features
yet, but they have heirarchies now (!!!), and multiple projects can
share user stories and issues. If you haven't looked at Snowdrift's
project recently, poke around and see if there's anything we could
take better advantage of!

More on the release:


Snowdrift's "epic" tab (empty so far):


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** Taiga Stellaria Borealis Release (3.0.0)

** An Epic Release

Named after this amazing stellar plant that hails from the northernmost part of 
the  Northern Hemisphere. Stellaria takes their name from the stars in the 
boreal sky that they resemble.  And so it is with this, our newest, 
biggest-ever new Epic release: star-filled with shiny features that will make 
your mind glow!
Stellaria Borealis
Photo by Bart Busschots 
Working hard as ever, and now actually earning a fair price for the service we 
provide (thank you to our steadily-growing paying customers!), we have turned 
your investment in us into bits and bytes of all sorts in an effort to address 
the features you most requested, and some which we just needed to get out. So, 
without further ado, here's what we have for you this time:

Epics on Taiga are, well - Epic! Now you can set up user stories and tasks that 
and assign them to multiple projects. You'll be able to track hierarchical or 
related relationships between those user stories on different projects. This is 
particularly useful if your work requires planning across multiple projects, 
and you wish to set up user stories and tasks that don't belong to just one 
Epics capture


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for some, our kanban cards were - 
shall we say, just a bit too “blah”. And who, pray tell wants “blah”? So from 
now on make those kanban cards shine. Dress them up with the information that 
matters most, images, tasks, watchers, votes...etc. Too much info? Use the 
slider to reduce/increase the amount of info and the size of the card. Worried 
all that glorious info will slow performance? Never fear, we got you covered!
Cards captura


Too many cards, too much information, so little time? Help us focus on tasks 
you asked! We hear you. Go ahead and cut down the overload by filtering cards 
as you do User Stories or issues in your  backlog.
Filters capture


Some say God is an artist on account of all those millions of colors he gave 
us. So, how pathetic was it that we offered our tags in just a handful of 
shades? Enter - our new color panel editor for tags. Use it to better organize 
your project information with richer visual cues.  While creating a new tag you 
are now able to choose a color. If you already have a tag assigned to a color, 
or would like to edit it, use the new editor to change it.
Tags capture


They say those that don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it. Our new 
wiki history tab keeps a running narrative of of every change in your 
documentation, so you can make new mistakes, not repeat old ones!

In the wiki category we also have new wiki links (not leaks). Documentation 
lovers rejoice! All links in your wiki can be now sorted and reordered to suit 
your fancy. There is also a new index to find all the pages in your wiki.
Wiki history and index animation


This one comes courtesy the folks at @Taiga_App 
 and is community-built. We’ve been dying to build an official mobile app, but 
Taiga App is so good that it just pushed our own project a  few notches down in 
the priority list. Never mind! You now have access to a great mobile 
experience. Free for iOS and Android. Check out more at: 


** Time Tracking

Time Tracking is a frequently-requested feature. Our friends at Toggl offer a 
simple, elegant chrome extension that works great with Taiga. If you need this 
functionality, be sure to check them out: Toggl 


** TaigaTribe: add team members
Best in class Project Management tools don't just want to help you manage your 
project, they want to help you find the human talent you may need to carry out 
specific tasks in your project. Taiga offers this through our fabulous 
task-based marketplace, Taigatribe 


** Help taiga Speak Your Language
Over 350 of you have joined our team of volunteer translators, enabling Taiga 
users to select from currently 14 languages. Please join our translation team 
and help us spread the word in multiple languages. Check out progress and 
consider joining the team 

** And now a public service announcement:

Do you have any friends who hate their work on account of their (or their 
company's) poor choice of a project management tool? Isn't it time you helped 
these friends out by no longer keeping Taiga a secret? Go on, it's time to let 
others know about our love affair!

Help us spread the word about Taiga - on your social networks, by reviewing us 
at G2 crowd 
  or simply by forwarding this newsletter. We will be ever so thankful.

And, if you know a really great Growth Hacker, please tell us about him or her. 
We're looking for someone to teach us (and work with us!) contact:  
campa...@taiga.io (mailto:campa...@taiga.io)
And do click on the button below to see a full summary of all the features on 
Taiga 3.0. We left a lot of hidden gems out of this newsletter, which is 
already running too long. Enjoy!

** Taiga on Twitter 
** Taiga on GitHub 
** Our Website 
(ɔ) 2016, Taiga Agile, LLC
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International License 

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