Hi all,

Tomorrow I will be in an airplane during the normal meeting time, so
here's an email to make up for my absence. I'll list my progress and

Last week, I added back all user functionality for pledging to
Snowdrift. I put some thought into UX; it should be enough to tide us
over until we have finalized a design for the project page and user
dashboard. I didn't spend any time on visuals since I know that more
capable people are working on it.

The functionality I added needs tests, and needs to be refactored.
That should be complete by Friday.

If we manage all that, the only thing left to complete the Futurama
milestone (aka "Shut up and take my money", aka "Make the mechanism
work for the Snowdrift project") will be a utility that triggers a
donation. That will *definitely* be done by the end of October, which
means the first Snowdrift crowdmatch transfer will happen in about a
month! Does anybody want to pick a date? Is it better to do at the end
of the month, or the very beginning of the next?

That's all I can say for now. I'm going to do a project review
tomorrow, so maybe I'll come up with more. I'll finish this email with
another list of things I need help with:

1. Let's do the user migration! We should have the new code on the
main site at least two weeks before doing a donation event, don't you

2. The ongoing design work looks amazing. Please keep us apprised of
progress, maybe with emails once a week, to keep us all excited. :)

3. Who has insight about what time of the month is best to schedule
donations? The beginning? The end? The middle?**

4. Salt, I'm letting you be in charge of fixing mx1's space issue.
Just let me know if you need any resources or assistance.

** Note that it will eventually be possible to schedule payment
transfers on a per-user basis, independent of whatever day the
crowdmatch totals are calculated. But we'll do it all at once to get
started, since that's the easiest.


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