> Please stop the talking, the postponements, stop telling
> people what you want to do and just do it ffs. Start with
> something simple, do a prototype, get feedback, stop wasting
> time. If you don't, your project will be a huge waste and
> you'll be dead as soon as some other person who cares about
> freedom decides to start a similar donation platform. And
> let me tell you, when that happens people won't give a
> glorious damn of your revolutionary snowdrift idea, they
> will just care of a free platform that works (and if the
> "snowdrift idea" turns out to be any useful, the cost of
> adding that for them would be minimal compared to your cost
> of fixing a broken platform).

One quick note: the above has been my concern from DAY ONE. I wanted to
launch before Patreon. We would have had first-mover advantage in this
whole space. There's all sorts of reasons our platform and system
*could* have become the main thing, and it's *awful* that didn't work out.

But the reality is that we would have launched with a much more complex
algorithm which would have been problematic in various ways. We now have
a ton of things cleared up that we didn't have in place originally.

We can take some solace in the ideas of later-mover success being possible.

In the end, I care less that Snowdrift.coop succeeds than that society
actually solves funding for public goods. Patreon is a positive step in
that it frees some projects from relying on ads or proprietary
restrictions. It isn't everything it should be.

There's some tragedy to the situation here, but each step, including
right now, the best choice is to go forward toward launch.

Again: we NEED and WELCOME anyone to help keep us on track. Making all
the right choices to find the shortest path to success is *not* easy,
it's easy to get sidetracked. We may not know which path is the shortest
or best, and perspective is always welcome.

I'm still hopeful that this will succeed and make a real impact. But
there's so many challenges yet to face.

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