On 2017-09-24 23:04, Stephen Michel wrote:
> Or even less intrusive: "Installed. You can support ongoing development
> at <link>"


And it's already easy to implement if the only target are people
installing by command line(which of course isn't enough at all).
Just add "echo 'Please donate at <link>'" in the post-install script of
a package.

Another idea that handles the issue of "one won't donate without having
some time to use the program":

Having a program that runs every one or two months that suggests
supporting the installed packages. (it could be a random sample to not
have a too long list)

Variant: suggest only for the programs installed in the last one or two

Addition: libraries could also being included saying: «it helps these
application to work: <list>»

These is a reasonable coding work. And a significant data-creation work
(getting links, which package is a lib or an app)

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