Thank you. I think you did a good job of answering my questions.

To summarize:

The emphasis is on funding public works.

In theory, it is possible and acceptable to become employed working on a 
Snowdrift-hosted project, even for personal profit. Though, ideally, such 
employees would value the contribution to society over personal profit.

A project hosted on Snowdrift does not have to be a legal non-profit.

A project hosted on Snowdrift may even be closely affiliated with a business, 
provided the project is fully FLO and all monies from Snowdrift go directly to 
the project.

Aside: Project visionaries should keep in mind the option of making further 
Snowdrift-hosed projects related to their originals. Business is not the only 
way of handling growth. Maybe some plugins/modules need a different funding 
base, so they should be their own project(s). When like-minded people come 
together, crazy synergies can happen, i.e., growth. Visionaries coming to 
Snowdrift should be prepared for this and know their options.

Thank you,


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