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> However, if your non-profit were a 501(c)(3) or similar, serving on the
> board and employing yourself would be called personal inurement and is
> expressly forbidden.

And our concern in working out how to operate as a co-op and how that
may or may not fit 501(c)(3) is related to whether it's *also* forbidden
for employees to even have a vote for who gets to be on the board…

But (and this really should be a separate topic / email thread), we're
leaning toward being a consumer co-op where the focus will just be on
the patrons who don't get paid at all but are just donating. Except we
don't want to block the project members who *do* get paid from being
co-op members, we're just leaning toward not going ahead with the
original plan of giving them a special separate member class.

In the U.S. tax-exempt status and democracy in orgs gets very muddy and

But we can still be non-profit while foregoing tax exemption.
Tax-exemption is a federal classification while non-profit is a
state-level classification.

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