Sriram Rengarajan wrote:

Sorry, this is not the email address that the dev. community hears for feature requests. You might login to OpenOffice feature request page to submit these

- but before you do that, please do a search if someone has not mentioned this already.


On Jun 30, 2011, at 2:56 PM, sergio carbonara wrote:


I'am not sure these e.mail addresses are the right ones for sending users feed-backs and suggestions (I would suggest to make the right e.mail address for this purpose more clear and immediate in the contacts page)

After struggling for over 1 year, sadly I had to stop using Open Office Impress and go back to Microsoft Power Point.

Please find enclosed the major gaps of O.O. Impress which I have found greatly hamper the use of this program to create and editing slides.

Hope you may rapidly improve the software.
Best regards.

If you are looking for improvements in the near future (less than a year) you are probably looking in the wrong place here. you would stand a much better chance at the fork of OpenOffice, which is called LibreOffice from The Document Foundation. Development is progressing much faster there, and they know well that Impress is by far the weakest link in the suite of functions that make up the office package. Under Sun and then Oracle development on Impress was given a low priority by corporate management. Now that LibreOffice is being developed by an all volunteer community it is up to the developers and not corporate management to decide what gets improved what gets ignored.
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