I thought that the entity is what I should be looking at, thanks!

I know that they are different, but some frameworks already provide a  
single call to fetch the data, and I have found it useful in the past.


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On Jun 19, 2009, at 5:08 AM, Thierry Boileau wrote:

> Hello,
> if "entity" is the Representation sent via the POST request, you can
> parse it with a Form as follow:
> Form form = new Form(entity);
> If you want to get the cookies values, just call request#getCookies.
> For sure, there is a real distinction between the query part of an URI
> and the content of POSTed entity.
> The query is part of the identifier of the resource. An entity sent  
> via
> a POST is a set of data that the resource is asked to take into  
> account
> in order to act on its current state.
> It seems preferable keep this distinction.
> best regards,
> Thierry Boileau
>> I can get GET variables via the getQueryAsForm method for a resource
>> reference, but how do I get POST variables? Also, it would be nice to
>> have a getVariable() method that returned a series comprised of GET,
>> POST, and COOKIE keys and values.
>> Thanks!
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