Hi all,

We just released our brand new Restlet web site this morning, with a new
visual identity and consolidating all our products, Restlet Framework,
APISpark (GA today) and the Restlet Studio (preview) in one place:

Here is also the new logo:

[image: Restlet Framework]

Note that some technical resources on the framework haven't been fully
migrated yet, but no worry we are actively working on them as I write.
Thanks for your patience and do not hesitate to report issue if they are
not fixed by the end of this week.

We are also completing version 2.3 of the framework including some great
contributions such as support for Swagger 1.2/2.0, RAML 0.8, Jetty 9.2
(client-side and SPDY), firewall with rate-limitation and more.

Stay tuned!
@jlouvel <http://twitter.com/#!/jlouvel>


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