To answer your first questions sarcastically, yes, the red X in the upper
right hand corner.  But really, no, I do not believe there is a logout
button from the web interface.

Secondly, when you install pfSense to hard disk / flash disk / etc and are
not running off of the bootable CD w/ floppy storage configuration, you have
an extra menu "packages" which lets you install squid, bandwidthd, snort and
a few other very nice tools.

Hope that helps.


On 9/18/07, Zied Fakhfakh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I'm just starting with pfSense, nd I have a couple of questions
> - is there any logout button from the web interface ?
> - how canI install third party softwares, like squid, on pfSense
> thank you very much.
> --
> Zied Fakhfakh

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