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Leo Bicknell <bickn...@ufp.org> writes:

> - IPv6 support, native or tunnel to tunnelbroker.net type thing.

This is far too diffuse.  You'll get a "yes, we've got IPv6".

You should at least add
 - IPv6 packet filtering and policy management (at least simple access
 - DHCPv6-PD client running over PPP or ethernet (possibly bridged DSL)
   WAN interface(s)
 - Ability to split the delegated prefix into a /64 for every LAN and
   loopback interface, preferably fully configurable
 - Configurable RA on LAN interfaces, using the dynamically allocated
 - (wishlist) configurable ifid's on the LAN and loopback interfaces as
   an alternative to using EUI-64
 - WAN link addressing using whatever is available of SLAAC, DHCPv6
   IA_NA or link local.  Specifically: Using SLAAC for the WAN link
   should be possible without sacrificing any router functionality on
   the CPE.
and probably a lot more.  DNS resolver handling needs a chapter on it's

The point is: We've been asking for "IPv6" for too long.  That's just
one bit in a packet header.  We need to start asking for the features we
expect, which is a lot more than that bit.


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