On Wed, 2005-12-07 at 11:22 +0200, Nadav Har'El wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 07, 2005, Omer Zak wrote about "Re: Broadband (fast) Internet 
> related accessibility issues":
> > Alternate is not only visual signaller but also vibrator.  If VoiP
> > software does not already export an interface usable for activating a
> > vibrator or a lamp (via parallel port, serial port, USB, BlueTooth or
> > telepathy), then such an interface needs to be added.
> Can you enlighten us why VoIP software should deal with this issue at all?

VoIP software needs to provide an interface for passing suitable
notifications to other software.  It is necessary to have a way to
register a callback and a way to call the registered callback when those
events occur.  Or a FIFO (a pipe) or a TCP socket (or UDP if we can
afford to miss event notifications because the notifications will repeat
until the sleepy user with hair frozen by icy water - see below -
acknowledges them).

[Remember that as far as VoIP is concerned, I fell yesterday from Mars
and know practically nothing about it (no reason to learn about it...).
So I state points, which may be annoyingly obvious and trivial to VoIP

The other software can then perform any specialized hardware
manipulations it needs (such as operating a robotic arm which will pour
ice cold water on the head of the sleeping user).

> In my opinion, not every application should deal on its own with "alerting"
> the user, because a standard solution already exists: The X Windows beep.

Does VoIP software interface with the X-Window beep in a standard way?

> Not only does it not require modifying every little application, and it is
> completely standard in the X-using world (not specific to "Linux", "KDE", 
> "Fedora", or anything of that sort), it even works when you run remote
> applications, like good old X was supposed to support.
> If you're interested, I can show you a tiny piece of code I wrote that
> captures these beeps, and does something else (in my case, I wanted to
> flash the screen, and play a fancy beep music).

Yes, please show me.
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