Vývojář GLib nedávno začal řešit správné tvarosloví měsíců v datech. Proběhla o tom nějaká diskuze v konferencích na GNOME. Změny byly implementovány. Se mnou teď začal řešit věci okolo češtiny. Kdyby to někoho zajímalo a případně měl něco k tématu, tak přeposílám. Případně můžu hodit naši konferenci do CC.

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Předmět: Re: Czech translation updates in GLib
Datum: 2.3.2018 10:41
Odesílatel: Marek Černocký <ma...@manet.cz>
Adresát: Rafal Luzynski <digitalfr...@lingonborough.com>

About the Wikipedia article: It's good and it isn't in conflict. "2. březen" in caption is "day name" not "date". Uh ... simply said Czech has very complicated morphology. If you will see down in this article, you will find dates and this dates are in genitiv (e.g. 21. března 1915).

I will try build GLib over this weekend and I will report you the results.


Dne 2.3.2018 17:59, Rafal Luzynski napsal:

Thank you. Your sources look very reliably. It's clear to me that they
don't mention a nominative case, e.g., don't say that "both forms are
correct" or even "only the nominative case is correct".

My concern is that Wikipedia uses the nominative case, for example:


But if the genitive case is correct (and Wikipedia is wrong, well, this
happens as well) then I should apply the same change to glibc which is
the basic source of locale data for all Linux applications. Please note
that GLib data which you have provided will be used only on the systems
where libc does not provide its own locale data or provides them incorrectly. Are you able to build your GLib with your updates on any Linux with glibc 2.26 or older (e.g., Fedora 27 or older) and run an application using this GLib,
and see how the dates are displayed?

Here is my private fork of glibc with the locale data not yet committed
to the main repository, you may review if this is what you want:


(you must scroll down to cs_CZ).

Have you got an account on Sourceware.org Bugzilla? Would you like to
file a bug report that Czech language wants a genitive case and wants
to backport it to glibc 2.27, like this bug report for Catalan:
https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=22848 ?
Or do you want me to file it? Can I quote your links as a proof that
Czech language needs a genitive case?



2.03.2018 09:39 Marek Černocký <ma...@manet.cz> wrote:

My personal answer: the ginitive sounds more natural. I'm sure people said "It's definitely wrong to use a genitive case in dates in Czech language" are
 I tried found any oficial position:

This is the official page of Ústav pro jazyk český which is a official
authority for the Czech language.

This is a Czech norm ČSN 01 6910 "Guidelines for text presentation". A
chapter 12.4 talks about the data formats.

 The genitive form is used in the both mentioned sources.

 Best regards

 Rafal Luzynski píše v Pá 02. 03. 2018 v 01:28 +0100:
   > >
>    Hello,
>    Yesterday you updated the Czech translation in GLib, here:
>    https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/glib/commit/4e8a4d0
>    This includes a list of month names in nominative/genitive
>    case. My question is: are you sure this is OK? I dare to ask
>    because I asked several Czech people and the answers whether
>    this is correct or not were mixed. Some people said that it's
>    definitely wrong to use a genitive case in dates in Czech
>    language, some said that both forms are correct, some said
>    that a genitive case looks more natural but it's not wrong
>    to use a nominative case. From now if you pass a date format
>    "%d. %B %Y" (which AFAIK is the correct Czech format) to
>    g_date_time_format() the output will be "2. března 2018".
>    Previously it was "2. březen 2018". If this is correct, if
>    you want this and so do all Czech translators and users then
>    this change should be applied consequently everywhere, first
>    of all to glibc where the infrastructure is ready and the
>    Czech locale data have not been updated just because there
>    was no consensus in the Czech community.
>    You can find my proposal of updates in glibc here:
>    https://github.com/rluzynski/glibc/commits/master
>    Or maybe you want to see how it works in GLib/GNOME first?
>    Otherwise, if you don't want a genitive case I suggest rewording
>    your recent translation update in GLib.
>    Best regards,
>    Rafal
>  >
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