On 05/07/12 16:25, Anssi Kääriäinen wrote:
> Currently Django's session middleware saves sessions unconditionally
> in process_response. I have created a patch which skips session save
> on 500 responses. Reasons for this:
>  1. When saving the session after PostgreSQL query error into database
> backed session store, the save is guaranteed to fail due to aborted
> transaction error. The save error will mask the original error.
>  2. The session.save() will be cancelled by transaction middleware if
> that is installed.
>  3. Saving the session in 500 situations can be argued to be non-
> wanted behaviour. The request processing likely ended due to
> unexpected error. If so, it is also possible that the changes to
> session aren't valid, or are incomplete.
> Now, this is clearly a change to existing behaviour. Should this be
> considered backwards incompatible or is this change not wanted at all?
> If that is the case I will create a patch targeting #1 above
> specifically.

I agree it should be changed, and I would regard it as a bug fix, but
make a note of it in the 1.5 release notes nonetheless.



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