I've seen enough people in #django suffering because they need a FKey on a 
table they simply can't alter -- be it because it's in a 3rd party app, or 
simply a table their DBA won't permit them to alter, or what have you.

In the end they wind up having to create the equivalent of a m2m through 
table, but with one side being a 1to1.

ISTM that the sugar to make this behave wouldn't be much greater than that 
used for MTI, but I say that having not delved yet, so... what would I 
know? :)


On Sunday, June 16, 2013 3:04:36 AM UTC+10, Carl Meyer wrote:
> Hi Amir,
> On Jun 15, 2013, at 9:11 AM, Amir Rachum <nur...@gmail.com <javascript:>> 
> wrote:
> I'm not sure if this feature was discussed before (I've seen some mentions 
> of it when searching this group, but nothing definitive).
> I have written a blog post regarding the reasons (and the suggested 
> syntax) to use this relationship, and would love some feedback
> http://blog.amir.rachum.com/post/53019452363/a-case-for-a-onetomany-relationship-in-django
> The strongest reason not to do this is that it breaks the correspondence 
> between model fields and database columns. If you added a new OneToMany 
> field on Band pointing to Musician, suddenly the (unmodified) Musician 
> model's db table would require a schema migration, while the Band table 
> would remain unchanged. (Yes, ManyToManyField already sort of breaks this 
> correspondence, but only in that it causes a new table to be created in the 
> same app where you added the field. It never requires a schema migration 
> for an untouched model class, possibly in a different app, which is much 
> worse.)
> I think this downside alone is enough to kill the proposal for Django 
> core, especially considering the rationale in favor isn't that strong; it's 
> just a new way to spell the exact equivalent of a ForeignKey.
> That said, I'm pretty sure you could code this up outside of core, if 
> you'd like to experiment with it.
> Carl

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