Hey all,

I'm trying to write a PR for adding Postgres9.4's "FILTER" syntax for aggregates, but I've hit a bug I can't figure how to fix [and nobody's awake on IRC :)]


Basically, for the query:

        qset = FilterAggParentModel.objects.annotate(
zero_count=FilterAgg(Count('filteraggtestmodel'), Q(filteraggtestmodel__integer_field=1)),

It generates the SQL:

SELECT "postgres_tests_filteraggparentmodel"."id",
COUNT("postgres_tests_filteraggtestmodel"."id") FILTER(WHERE "postgres_tests_filteraggtestmodel"."integer_field" = 0) AS "zero_count",
    COUNT("postgres_tests_filteraggtestmodel"."id") AS "child_count"
FROM "postgres_tests_filteraggparentmodel"
LEFT OUTER JOIN "postgres_tests_filteraggtestmodel" ON ("postgres_tests_filteraggparentmodel"."id" = "postgres_tests_filteraggtestmodel"."parent_id") GROUP BY "postgres_tests_filteraggparentmodel"."id", "postgres_tests_filteraggtestmodel"."integer_field"

The problem being that "postgres_tests_filteraggtestmodel"."integer_field" is included in the GROUP BY clause...

Does anyone who understands this part of the ORM have a suggestion for how to fix this?


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