My reasoning is basically Alex Hill's. Subclassing for one bit of 
functionality and using a callable for another is an inconsistent API, and 
of the two, the callable is preferrable from a maintainability and 
readability standpoint (for all the reasons he's already stated so well!)

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 9:09:23 PM UTC-5, Tim Graham wrote:
> The approach you suggested was suggested in the thread of ticket you 
> mentioned: 
> Brian Rosner: "I am a +1 on a configuration parameter since the 
> alternative by subclassing is a bit too involved for something fairly 
> trivial."
> Why was it rejected? What new arguments are you bringing to the table that 
> weren't considered before?
> You say that subclassing is a burden, but I'd argue that even redefining 
> the field on the model form isn't DRY, at which point what about making the 
> customization in the form's __init__()?
> self.fields['field_name'].label_from_instance = lambda obj: 'new label'
> I think the barrier to violate the Zen of Python ("There should be one-- 
> and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.") is a bit high here, so 
> perhaps you could elaborate on how this is causing maintenance problems?
> On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 9:52:55 PM UTC-4, Lawrence Vanderpool 
> wrote:
>> Older related ticket:
>> My rough draft of proposed changes: 
>> The problem of setting the label for ModelChoiceField is one that comes 
>> up on IRC every once in a while. It's a common enough problem that I think 
>> the documentation-recommended solution of subclassing ModelChoiceField and 
>> setting label_from_instance ( 
>> ) is overkill, and probably a maintenance problem.
>> ModelChoiceField already implements an optional callable in the 
>> `get_limit_choices_to` function. This change would implement a similar API 
>> to allow a callable to be passed in to the constructor rather than having 
>> to do the subclassing dance.
>> It'd still be backwards compatible, but the documentation should be 
>> changed to reflect the "easier" solution of passing in the callable.
>> The old ticket was labelled wontfix, but I think we should take a look 
>> again. I'd love for this to be my first contribution to Django! Thanks for 
>> any feedback. And if I forgot something or broke a rule for the ML, I 
>> apologize in advance @.@

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