Thanks, I will!


Am Mittwoch, 30. November 2016 22:31:19 UTC+1 schrieb Adam Johnson:
> I suspect it was simply to make it easier to work with.
> I'd suggest you create a ticket at 
> and then try making the change 
> and seeing if Django's test suite still passes. All the information you 
> should need is at 
> .
> On Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 9:17:49 PM UTC, Jonas von Poser wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> we've run into an interesting situation: we implemented a custom 
>> SimpleListFilter for the admin which presents the choices as a list of 
>> checkboxes. Pressing "submit" sends the list to the backend for filtering.
>> Unfortunately, this doesn't really work well and it took us a while to 
>> find out why: the ChangeList view request.GET (a QueryDict) into a dict 
>> <>
>> .
>> This means, a query string in the form of ?q=123&state=1&state=2 simply 
>> loses all state values except the last one. It still works in principle 
>> but as soon as you e.g. click on a column heading to re-sort, the link 
>> breaks.
>> I checked the git log and traced this re-casting back to the "NEW ADMIN 
>> <>"
>> in 2005. Does anyone know why this was done? Shouldn't we rather keep 
>> self.params as a QueryDict?
>> Thanks!
>>    Jonas

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