On 10/06/17 22:21, Claude Paroz wrote:
Le samedi 10 juin 2017 11:40:42 UTC+2, Curtis Maloney a écrit :

    Right, hence my point of having a global setting to say "the default
    auto-field is ..."

I see, but this conforms to the pattern "use the same id field type for
all models of my project". I'm not sure we should encourage that.

Yeah... naming would be key with "DEFAULT_AUTO_FIELD_TYPE" or whatever...

Another idea would be to offer variants of models.Model which models
could inherit from, like models.BigIntModel or models.UUIDModel.

Ah, well... now you're talking. But then, you can do this already as an abstract base with TYPE as id...

class BigIntModel(models.Model):
    id = BigAutoField(primary_key=True)
    class Meta:
        abstract = True


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