I'm using:

When the user connects to the websocket, I do the following:

def connect(self, message, **kwargs):
    group = Group('user-%s' % user.uuid)
    # Do not use more than one device.
    group.send({"close": True}, immediately=True)

I've created this method to send information to some specific user:

from channels.generic.websockets import WebsocketMultiplexer

def custom_reply(uuid: UUID, stream, action, data={}, response_status=200):
    if type(action) is ActionType:
        action = action.value

    payload = {
        'errors': [],
        'data': data,
        'action': action,
        'response_status': response_status

    WebsocketMultiplexer.group_send(name='user-%s' % uuid,

 For several minutes this method sends the message to the client, after a 
while it seems that the users within the group are being reset and then the 
client is losing message

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