On 09/25/2017 08:56 PM, Dan Watson wrote:
Seems like maybe it would be more helpful if has_perm logged a note about the permission not existing (probably only in debug), rather than just returning False. In fact, I'd argue it should still return True -- if the permission did exist, the superuser would have it. And there's a backwards-compatibility argument. Think of superusers more as "permissions don't apply to me" than "I have all permissions".

I agree with the logging... however, I think has_perm should always return False for non-existent permissions. This will mean any half-decent level of testing will uncover a typo in a permission name, since you will never trigger the True state.

This would also be an argument for is_superuser to equate to "has all the perms" instead of "has_perm always says true".



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