Hey guys i'm trying to solve bug https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/29024 , 
the suggestion provided is that i use *addCleanup* inside *setUp* or use 
*setUpClass* and *tearDownClass*.
I tried using *addCleanup* inside *setUp* function of *TestContextDecorator* 
but as the class *TestContextDecorator* isn't a subclass of *TestCase* i'm 
not able to use *addCleanup*.
Though using *addCleanup*  inside of 
*setUp* function of *Example2TestCase* given in the example code solves the 
bug, but i don't that is the correct way to solve this bug.
What should i do here?
So far i have used *try* and *except* inside the *setUp* of 
*TestContextDecorator* and that seems to solve the bug but i'm not sure if 
its the best way to do it. Here are the changes i made 

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