I'm Baginda Achmad Fadillah. I'm here because I want to be a participant in 
Summer of Code 2018*. The reason of why I choose Django Software Foundation 
as my organization, is because I've already heard that thing before, so 
that's what makes me quite familiar with that. I've been chose the idea 
"Test framework cleanup", because I think it is more 'friendly' for me than 
the other ideas. Honestly, I didn't have many experience in Programming 
(like Python, etc.) and Web Development, but I really want to know more 
about them. I didn't know more about Django Software Foundation either, 
but, as soon as possible, I would like to learn about that.

I hope with some of my contributions later, it would make any kind of 
improvements for the project, and especially for this organization.

Best regards,
Baginda Achmad Fadillah

   The Idea : 
   My Github Account : https://github.com/bagindakarli

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