It looks correct to me. RawSQL is defining a parameter to be included in 
the query. The RawSQL expression itself is used in the select and on the 
left hand side of the WHERE clause, so the parameter needs to be included 
there. The right hand side of the WHERE clause is a regular string (which 
just happens to also be named "value") which Django will always 
parameterise and has nothing to do with the RawSQL expression itself.

Is there some reason you think there's an issue with the SQL being 

On Sunday, 15 April 2018 12:25:48 UTC+10, Maximiliano Robaina wrote:
> Hi,
> Testing expressions test app, the query generated into 
> BasicExpressionsTests.test_annotate_values_filter method:
> companies = Company.objects.annotate(
> foo=RawSQL('%s', ['value']),
> ).filter(foo='value').order_by('name')
> Generate:
> This sql command has 3 params (?), two of which are out of where clause.
> ? AS "FOO" 
> WHERE ? = ?
> So, the underlying database driver execute this, doing something like this
>  cursor.execute(sql, ['value', 'value', 'value'])
> Is correct that the 3 params are replaced into the entire sql and not just 
> on where clause ?
> It depend of the  implementation on each database driver?
> Best regards
> Maxi

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