There was a discussion a while back about this!searchin/django-developers/cython/django-developers/Fi4U602GxHA/mE50LOPkBgAJ

tl;dr not sure what benefits Django would get from it, since the 
bottlenecks you experience are most likely non-Django/Python parts of your 
project, such as networking latency, db queries, connection initiation, 
etc.  In addition, pypy is an alternative interpreter that you can drop in 
for up to 3.5.x Python versions.

On Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 5:21:38 PM UTC-4, Daniel Anechitoaie wrote:
> I'm looking at frameworks like that make use of Cython 
> to greatly improve the performance and I'm just wondering if something like 
> this would work with Django?
> Was there any discussion (taken into consideration) about using Cython to 
> boost the performance of certain aspects of the framework?
> Would it help make it faster?
> I really love Python and Django for me is the best web framework out 
> there, but you have to notice how fast other frameworks from other 
> programming languages are.
> Would using Cython help boost the performance?

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