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On Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 9:57:41 AM UTC-4, Elias Coutinho wrote:
> Good morning people.
> As always my problem is conceptual. I have improved a lot, but still in 
> the fight.
> 1 - I have a list of data and I know how to add it to another model at one 
> time. (Easy)
> 2 - It turns out that in this list some data will be filled by the user 
> before saving and will be repeated for each record as a Research and 
> Interviewed Data field.
> 3 - I repeat! It already works with the data entered manually! putting the 
> person instance and the date on the arm.
> QUESTION *****
> I have a list of people and wanted to click on one, there it would be 
> redirected to a form (where it is done) where I would already show the 
> person I chose (I have not done yet) and there would be two more fields and 
> Interviewer and logically the interviewer would type in the name of the (in 
> a text field) and the interview date (search_key).
> Then when recording he would have to use this view below:
> What better way to open a screen for the user to choose this data before 
> saving?
> I will post this doubt on other lists with the same text. (Do not be 
> surprised)

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