Hi Vackar,

Thank you, now we are getting somewhere!

On Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 5:36:53 PM UTC+1, vaf...@exscientia.co.uk 
> My main concern currently is that required fields are not enforced at the 
> db level, which makes using it with other clients difficult. I would much 
> prefer that constraints be added, and accept that empty strings cannot be 
> inserted into required columns.

Okay, now I get you. I have no strong feelings how our oracle backend 
should behave here; other than your suggested change would be (highly?) 
backwards incompatible and that alone might prevent it from getting merged. 
Maybe Felix can chime in here with his oracle knowledge.

FWIW, Django has quite a few places where it does stuff in the framework 
itself instead of at the database level. Examples include the handling of 
database default values (we don't, defaults are in the application, even 
for simple integers and strings) as well as handling of cascades on 
deletes. If one cannot live with those issues, it is imo currently best to 
manage the database independent from Django. We are certainly open to 
improving in those areas though.


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