I am currently looking at implementing a custom file hashing function when 
using the ManifestFilesMixin class to provide white list based file hashing 
of static files.

In the process I have found what seems to be an unintended result of 
returning `None` from a custom `file_hash()` function when using the mixin. 
Looking at the original ticket 
that resulted in the refactoring of the file hashing into it's own function 
(for the explicit intention of enabling custom algorithms when using the 
mixin) there is no indication of intent for the current behaviour.

Essentially, when returning a string from a custom` file_hash()` 
implementation, the resulting file name is 
`<file_path>.<custom_hash>.<ext>` as expected, whereas returning `None` 
results in `<file_path>None.<ext>`

The fact that the string `None` appears in the file name seems undesirable, 
and the fact it occurs without a preceding `.` (inconsistent with the 
filename structure when a string is returned) suggests to me it is 

I have my own fix to this locally that leaves the file name untouched if 
`file_hash()` returns `None`. Before going through the process of starting 
a ticket etc. I was curious if anyone had any thoughts on the intent of 
injecting `None` into the file name. Bug or feature.


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