I encountered some troubles with django logging configuration during the 
update from Django 1.11 to 2.1. This issue was related to this commit 
generally `ServerFormatter.uses_server_time()` method. 
This method forces users to use `{` logging style, by hard coding it in the 
following line: `return self._fmt.find('{server_time}') >= 0`, so it works 
only with `{` style, which is the default one.
I couldn't find any explanation why users should use `{` style instead of 
`%` or `$` and I think style should be totally irrelevant to Django.
My suggestion is to make `ServerFormatter.uses_server_time()` workable with 
all logging styles or to add some note to documentation that `{` logging 
style must be used when `ServerFormatter` is overwritten.
If you decide to make some changes in relation to this issue, I am eager to 

Thank you all for working on Django!

Kind Regards,

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