I use `--keepdb` a lot, I never knew there was a shorthand and even know I do know wouldn't use it. For things like this I usually find it easy to remember the long option. So I'm +1 on changing it too, without a new shorthand for `--keepdb`. In the keyword usage `-k` must be followed by a keyword, so for people who did use it the shorthand, the old usage will break loudly which is good.


On 11/03/2019 15:13, François Freitag wrote:
Hi Django Devs,

https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/30245 suggests supporting Python
unittest `-k` option, to selectively run tests matching a keyword.

Currently, `-k` is the shorthand for `--keepdb` in Django.
A `--filter` flag was suggested to preserve backward compatibility.
Carlton suggested removing the `-k` option from `--keepdb` and reusing
it for unittest `-k`. That would follow unittest more closely, reduce
user confusion and ease maintenance.

What do you think is best? Do you see other options?

If re-taking the `-k` option for unittest `-k`, should a new shorthand
be introduced for `--keepdb`?

Thanks for your time,

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