any news about this issue?

Concerning the thread-safety of setup(), the PR is here - 

Concerning the tweakability of setup(), I don't get your argument Aymeric: 
more or one less monkey patch isn't going to make a difference to these 
That's precisely why we need a hook for custom setup operations. To 
monkey-patch test environments, apply DCP fixers, setup gevent-like 
runtimes... for now, there is no single point where one can inject early 
customization. One needs to change uwsgi.py, maybe manage.py, test 
launchers, potential scripts... 
AppConfig.ready() was introduced so that applications have a single point 
to initialize signals and the likes, this proposal only extends this to 
support early-stage setup customization, which is currently missing. 
Wouldn't an environment variable, pointing to a custom setup function, do 
the job?


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