I've added a PR here https://github.com/django/django/pull/12159

I'd appreciate if someone can give it a look, it's been a while since I've 
done any front end dev so there are probably nicer ways to do it.

I'm also getting a test failure, and I don't quite understand how my code 
could have caused it, so would also appreciate some help debugging that if 
it's possible.


On Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 11:20:39 PM UTC+1, Tobias Kunze wrote:
> On 19-11-24 10:29:36, Tom Carrick wrote: 
> >1. Is this something people actually want, or is it just me? 
> +1, especially with a flag to disable it. Thank you for taking this up! 
> We live in the days of wide screens, where using the screen for something 
> meaningful is definitely a good idea. I find it tedious to always click 
> back 
> to the start of admin pages to then select another category/model. 
> >2. How is the navigation best done? Since some projects can be very 
> large, 
> >I'm partial to something vertical, rather than horizontal, so a sidebar 
> >seems good. What the best UX is on smaller screens would be I'm a little 
> >less sure. 
> For the beginning, you can just hide the sidebar on smaller screens. They 
> won't lose any functionality, and users on larger screens will still 
> profit. 
> Later on, you can consider having a navigation hidden behind some menu 
> button, 
> to be shown when tapped, but I don't think that's required. 
> >3. Should we provide an API for adding more links? I guess we could have 
> >some overridable structure, perhaps in the form of `{"category": 
> ["link1", 
> >"link2", ...], ...}` 
> I'd say for the beginning the sidebar should show the links the admin home 
> page shows, so adding a link to one would also add it to the other. 
> In a second step we can distinguish between the two (and also figure out 
> if a 
> link should be shown as "active" in the sidebar.) 
> >5. Would this make the admin home page redundant, and if so should we 
> >replace it with something, and what should that something be? 
> I don't think the main admin page would be redundant or should be 
> replaced. 
> It'd still be used for mobile pages/smaller screens, at the very least, 
> and 
> changing the main site is also a major/breaking modification. Adding a 
> sidebar, especially with an option to disable it, won't hurt in upgrades 
> generally, but losing/changing home page functionality would be painful. 
> Tobias 

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