Good morning.

I had created ticket after 
discussing in IRC about a built in way to stop a continuous delivery 
pipeline if the deployment would need to run database migrations. (i.e. if 
running `python migration` would do anything or not.

In my specific scenario, I would like to run `python 
showmigrations --database=foo --check` and have it fail if there are 
unapplied migrations to the 'foo' database (or the default database as the 
case may be).  In this case, the automatic deployment would halt to prevent 

The discussion resulted with one must parse the results from `python showmigrations`.  I.e. write a script that checks the output of 
`showmigrations` for something like '[ ]'.

I can certainly do that, but it seems like it would be generally useful to 
have this type of command available within Django.  It could be used to 
improve the release process for any project that uses some sort of 
automatic deployment scenario.

The ticket was rejected with the response, use `python 
makemigrations --check`.  However, I believe that this command determines 
if the current version of models on disk would result in a new migration 
being made.  This is not the same as the functionality I have suggested.  
Am I wrong here?

Please let me know your thoughts.

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