I am a little new to DRF (and programming in general), but I have not found 
a solution to what I am trying to do. I am building an API that allows the 
user to specify url suffixes with format_suffix_patterns. In particular, 
JSON, CSV and XML. I have added the renderes for these (in that order) to 

If I specify the suffix this works perfectly. However I anticipated that by 
listing the JSONRenderer first that would be the default should no format 
be specified - but this is not always the case.

>From a casual glance it seems the order the renderer is decided is:
1. if specified as a kwarg in the APIView "initial" method
2. if specified as a request parameter in the negotiation "select_renderer" 
3. the request header in the negotiation "select_renderer" method
4. order of renderer ??? I didn't get this far

In some request headers "application/xml" is specified (for example if just 
hitting the API in a chrome browser). Because I have an XmlRenderer this is 
selected as default.

I am wondering what the best way to specify "Use this format" and inject it 
between #2 and #3. As a pretty ugly way I did this in the 

 def select_renderer(self, request, renderers, format_suffix=None):
        Given a request and a list of renderers, return a two-tuple of:
        (renderer, media type).

        # Allow URL style format override.  eg. "?format=json
        format_query_param = self.settings.URL_FORMAT_OVERRIDE
        format = format_suffix or 
request.query_params.get(format_query_param) *or 

I imported my settings into the file and specified a format. I would prefer 
to add this to the REST_FRAMEWORK settings but haven't figure that out 
yet...and still I think this is bad/hacky solution. Is there something more 
elegant out there I just haven't found?

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