Hello guys,

I'm trying to do a formatting in the template but this depends on how I get 
a listing of my DRF, currently my json is like this:

         "Start": "2016-12-14T17: 39: 24Z",
         "Id": 5

It turns out that the code waits otherwise, without the brackets.

Note below how ajax expects the listing:

       Var days = { '2016-09-04': 1, '2016-09-11': 2, '2016-09-18': 3, 
'2016-09-13': 4};
           $ ( "Td, th"). Each (function () {
             If (days [$ (this) .attr ( "data-date")]) {
               $ (This) .css ( "background-color", "red");

Can someone help me? I hope it helps both in DRF and ajax, anyone does.


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