Hi Tom,

I am one of your biggest fan. I really appreciate and amazed by your work 
especially DRF and DjangoVanillaViews -- simple and beautiful.

A line about me: Software Engineer for past 11 years. I happened to be a 
scripting guy (automation testing), but somehow get - forcefully - bumped 
into python/django world about 5-6 years back.
I consider my self below average Django programmer. (Django is too complex 
for me!!)

I wanted to know your views/suggestions on below two points. Feel free to 
reply anytime convenient to you.

Now, coming to the point: I generally don't prefer django forms and 
templates (I hate them, actually!). Rather I prefer models in Django, and 
use DRF for serializer/views and create CRUD APIs. So far so good,
but recently I came to know about the DjangoVanillaViews and wondering if 
somehow I can use it, along with DRF (i.e. DRF + Vanilla). Any thought 
about it?

Another thing: As mentioned above, I generally have django to serve just 
APIs. And keep frontend HTML+JS serve by Nginx. Again, I am terrible with 
front end JS frameworks like Angular, React etc.
(reason being too steep learning curve and complexities!). Any suggestion 
about how to handle CRUD AJAX boiler plate in frontend?

Best Regards,


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