#27559: Admin changelist turns QueryDict into dict
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 We implemented a custom SimpleListFilter for the admin which presents the
 choices as a list of checkboxes. Pressing "submit" sends the list to the
 backend for filtering.

 Unfortunately, this doesn't really work well and it took us a while to
 find out why: the `ChangeList` view turns `request.GET` (a `QueryDict`)
 into a dict].

 This means, a query string in the form of `?q=123&state=1&state=2` simply
 loses all state values except the last one. It still works in principle
 but as soon as you e.g. click on a column heading to re-sort, the link
 only shows the last value instead of all of them.

 I checked the git log and traced this re-casting back to the
 #diff-ea7d8c684e252f3dad6aa458df7d3070R109 NEW ADMIN MERGE]" in 2005. It
 was probably done to be able to manipulate the parameters but seems to be
 a very lossy operation for this purpose.

 Shouldn't `self.params` rather be kept as a `QueryDict`? We'll get started
 on a pull request if there's interest.

 Asked on django-developers])

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