#29131: Make the error message for ArrayField more user and translation-friendly
     Reporter:  Vlada Macek           |                    Owner:  (none)
         Type:  Cleanup/optimization  |                   Status:  new
    Component:  contrib.postgres      |                  Version:  2.0
     Severity:  Normal                |               Resolution:
     Keywords:                        |             Triage Stage:  Accepted
    Has patch:  0                     |      Needs documentation:  0
  Needs tests:  0                     |  Patch needs improvement:  0
Easy pickings:  0                     |                    UI/UX:  1
Changes (by Tim Graham):

 * type:  Bug => Cleanup/optimization
 * stage:  Unreviewed => Accepted


 I think indexing from 1 instead of 0 is an improvement.

 Changing array to list might be okay, but what about all the messages in
 the `ArrayField` model field that use "array".

 About the addition of "(count from the left)"... I think that would be
 better added in translational only for languages (if any?) where counting
 in lists happens from the right?

 I see your point about the trailing space -- the translated messages I
 checked don't have the trailing space. I guess the idea would be to modify
 `contrib.postgres.utils.prefix_validation_error()` to add the space

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/29131#comment:1>
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