#29144: `DjangoTranslation.merge` loses catalog fallbacks
     Reporter:  Patryk Zawadzki      |                    Owner:  Patryk
                                     |  Zawadzki
         Type:  Bug                  |                   Status:  assigned
    Component:                       |                  Version:  2.0
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Comment (by Matt Westcott):

 Very happy to see this being addressed! (We were bitten by this on
 Wagtail... https://github.com/wagtail/wagtail/issues/3600 )

 When I looked into this some time ago, I think I stumbled at the point of
 making Django's precedence rules behave correctly with gettext's: to be
 totally correct, I believe it should apply all of Django's translation-
 finding rules (LOCALE_PATHS in sequence, then INSTALLED_APPS in sequence,
 then Django's own) for the most specific locale (`de_DE.ISO8859-1`),
 followed by the same sequence of rules for the next locale (`de_DE`), and
 so on.

 In the case of the current PR, I suspect that there are some possible
 setups where this ordering isn't strictly followed, but as far as I can
 see, this only arises when there are three or more locale identifiers in
 play. (The primary catalog is built up with a `dict.update`, as per
 Django's existing code, but the fallbacks are added to the end of the
 chain - as per the gettext implementation of `add_fallback`. So, after
 it's finished pulling in all the translations, the final order of
 precedence will be all of the `de_DE.ISO8859-1` translations, followed by
 `de_DE` and `de.ISO8859-1` and `de` for each app - rather than all of the
 `de_DE.ISO8859-1` translations, followed by all of the `de_DE`
 translations, followed by all of the `de.ISO8859-1` translations...).
 Obviously, this is an incredibly obscure and minor point relative to the
 issue being fixed here (and doing it 100% correctly probably requires
 replicating or monkeypatching gettext internals), so I'm happy for this to
 be accepted as-is. I'm only raising this as a gotcha in case a more alert
 reviewer notices a more severe side-effect :-)

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