#27985: Converting `Foo.objects.filter(bar=None)` to an `IsNull` too early.
     Reporter:  Jarek Glowacki       |                    Owner:  Sergey
                                     |  Fedoseev
         Type:  Bug                  |                   Status:  closed
    Component:  Database layer       |                  Version:  master
  (models, ORM)                      |
     Severity:  Normal               |               Resolution:  fixed
     Keywords:  sql None NULL        |             Triage Stage:  Accepted
  transform                          |
    Has patch:  1                    |      Needs documentation:  0
  Needs tests:  0                    |  Patch needs improvement:  0
Easy pickings:  0                    |                    UI/UX:  0
Changes (by Simon Charette):

 * cc: Simon Charette (added)


 John, I feel like using a `LOUTER` join is the appropriate behavior here.

 I assume the previous query was

 FROM group
 INNER JOIN user_groups ON (user_groups.group_id = group.id)
 WHERE user_groups.user_id = NULL

 And the new one is

 FROM group
 LEFT OUTER JOIN user_groups ON (user_groups.group_id = group.id)
 WHERE user_groups.user_id IS NULL

 Using `m2m__isnull=True` (or `reverse_fk__isnull=True`) always triggered
 this `LOUTER` AFAIK. I guess what broke here was to make `m2m=None` ->
 `m2m__isnull=True` which seems more appropriate given how SQL deals with
 `= NULL`.

 I guess we could get related and reverse related field `__exact` lookups
 to warn/error out when an unsaved object is passed as a value though, it
 looks like this was undefined behavior if it wasn't caught by the test
 suite. An other option would be to make the related
 `__exact=unsaved_object` lookup raise `EmptyResultSet` on compilation to
 prevent any query from taking place and restore the 1.11 behavior.

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