#29191: Admin page title
               Reporter:  Dmitrij Strelnikov    |          Owner:  nobody
                   Type:  Cleanup/optimization  |         Status:  new
              Component:  contrib.admin         |        Version:  2.0
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 Hi guys, I do have some admin improvements proposal.
 The page title is generated automatically by django with default model
 names but I found big issue with current approach.
 Title on change/add/remove pages contains

 {% blocktrans %}Change selected {{ model }}{% endblocktrans %}
 {% blocktrans %}Add another {{ model }}{% endblocktrans %}
 {% blocktrans %}Delete selected {{ model }}{% endblocktrans %}

 When you have open few more tabs, it's actually show only 'Change
 selecte...' next to favico.
 So with bunch of tabs you have absolutely no idea what tab is representing
 what page without manually activating particular tab.

 What do you think is it possible to add the model name at the beginning of
 the title?
 {% blocktrans %}{{ model }} change selected{% endblocktrans %}

 etc..I know it should be translated for all languages.
 I'm able to create PR if you agree with the proposal.


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