#30707: why it took 30s when call sorted function in django server sometimes
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 I add some logic in django . And when i sent requests to server,i found
 some requests are handled so slowly,and then find it will take much time
 when call sorted function.But it is stranged that if i sent this wired
 data to server alone,it is ok,only take 100ms.Does the sorted function has
 confict with django?

 def recall(word):
         dict_result = {}
         word_fields = word.split(":")
         for i in range(0,len(word_fields)):
         pre_result = sorted(dict_result.items(),

         return recall_tag[:-1]

 client code is:
   for line in sys.stdin:
                 line = line.rstrip('\n')
                 fields = line.split("\t")
                 id = fields[0]
                 title = fields[1]
                 page_params_mq = {'id':vid,'title':title}
                 try :
                         rec_mq_res = get_rec(server_ip_mq, server_port_mq,
 web_page_mq, page_params_mq)
                         print (line)
 I run
 cat test_data|python client.py
 if there is only one data in test_data file,it is ok.If there are many
 data,it will occur randomly slowly

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