#34853: [Date Input Localization] Accept-Language Header Takes Precedence Over
Language Set With Cookie
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Comment (by Natalia Bidart):

 I have ran and tested the provided Django project. I have reproduced the
 behavior as described, and after reading the docs, I think this may be a
 valid issue. Though we would need confirmation from Claude in order to
 pursue a fix, see below. It's worth noting that there is no issue when the
 language cookie is not set.

 What makes me doubt is that
 django-discovers-translations the *translation* docs are very clear] that
 the cookie should take precedence over the `Accept-Language`, for
 translations, **BUT**
 the format localization docs] say:

 >Django’s formatting system is capable of displaying dates, times and
 numbers in templates using the format specified for the current locale. It
 also handles localized input in forms.
 >When it’s enabled, two users accessing the same content may see dates,
 times and numbers formatted in different ways, depending on the formats
 for their current locale.

 But these docs do not mention what is considered `their current locale`.
 Is it the cookie? Is it the `Accept-Language` header?

 As a user, my personal expectation is to have the language cookie honoured
 across a page, including the form date fields. And more so, it feels

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