#14831: Django Template Style Guide
     Reporter:  Simon Meers          |                    Owner:  Ryan
                                     |  Cheley
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    Component:  Documentation        |                  Version:  1.2
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Comment (by Ryan Cheley):

 Replying to [comment:14 Ryan Cheley]:
 > I moved the `{% load log %}` from line 25 to line 3 and there weren't
 any NEW test failures. Once a standard is decided on this could
 potentially be moved to the top and it doesn't look like any negative
 impact would be introduced (from a testing perspective anyway).
 > Next step is to create a Django app locally and see what happens

 App locally seems to be behaving as expected.

 Also, in reading the docs I was reminded that a `{% load ... %}` can have
 more than one template tag added, so the two outliers here can be moved up
 into a single `{% load ... }` command instead of multiple lines

 This means that

 * /django/contrib/admin/templates/admin/auth/user/change_password.html can
 have line 2 updated to `{% load i18n static admin_urls %}`
 * ./django/contrib/admin/templates/admin/index.html can have line 2
 updated to be `{% load i18n static log %}`

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