#35145: Django admin’s dark theme should set color-scheme property for vanilla 
               Reporter:  Thibaud    |          Owner:  nobody
  Colas                              |
                   Type:  Bug        |         Status:  new
              Component:             |        Version:  5.0
  contrib.admin                      |       Keywords:  accessibility,
               Severity:  Normal     |  color contrast, dark mode, dark
           Triage Stage:             |  theme
  Unreviewed                         |      Has patch:  0
    Needs documentation:  0          |    Needs tests:  0
Patch needs improvement:  0          |  Easy pickings:  0
                  UI/UX:  1          |
 The Django admin uses unstyled vanilla HTML widgets for a few scenarios.
 Currently in the dark theme those elements are displayed with the
 browser’s default "light" UI – it would better if we instructed the
 browser to use their dark variant with the CSS `color-scheme` property.

 Here’s an example, where [https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS
 /color-scheme color-scheme] affects the search field’s clear button color
 and checkboxes, before/after:

 - For the clear button it’s almost invisible without this so is a clear
 accessibility issue / WCAG contrast fail
 - For the checkboxes it just looks better.

 This also affects file inputs, multi-select widgets, scrollbars, and I’m
 sure other parts of the UI.


 My suggested solution would be to add `color-scheme: dark` at the root
 level when in dark mode, but it might be worth researching a bit to make
 sure we use the property as well as possible.
Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/35145>
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