#35146: Add support for annotate after union
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 This is currently not supported, and the ORM rightly throws an error
 whenever you attempt to do so. I believe it would be beneficial to have
 such support allowing a query like this be generated

 SELECT release_date AS release_date,
        MAX(price)   AS max_price,
        MIN(price)   AS min_price
 FROM (SELECT release_date, price
       FROM products_1
       WHERE foo = 'bar'
       SELECT release_date, price
       FROM products_2
       WHERE foo = 'bar') AS products_subquery
 GROUP BY release_date

 Which might look something like this in the ORM

 query1 = Products1.objects.filter(foo="bar")
 query2 = Products2.objects.filter(foo="bar")
     min_price=Min("price"), max_price=Max("price")
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