I would like to ask community about methods of shipping Django in 

I do have some limitations, one of which is I don't know what packages are 
installed on production server (for example, postgres dev libraries or 
specific version of python).

Right now my method is to create venv with specific version of Python, make 
venv relocatable, copy missing libraries into venv/lib, pack it into 
archive and ship to production servers.

On application launch server has to unpack archive and run it somewhat like 

> $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=venv/lib venv/bin/python venv/bin/gunicorn -c 
> gunicorn.conf myapp.wsgi:application

In my case LD_LIBRARY_PATH is required for libpython and libpq (PostgreSQL 
query library).

This does work, but I have to go through a lot of stuff.

What I want to do is pack my application with specific python and libraries 
into one binary (on build server) and only ship this binary to production 
server. So application launch will look somewhat like that:

> $ my-awesome-python-bin gunicorn -c gunicorn.conf myapp.wsgi:application

Or if I could go even further and describe some startup logic:

> def startup():
>     ...
>     args = argparser.parse()
>     config = args.config
>     gunicorn.server(config, myapp.wsgi, 'application').run()

...and then:

> $ my-awesome-bin -c myapp.conf

Is there any way of doing that?

Or could you suggest any easier (well, more convenient) way of shipping 

I did ask practically the same question on StackOverflow 
weeks ago, but none of given answers provide simple solution for my 
problem. I've tried nuitka, pyinstalled and cx_freeze with no success.

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